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She’s reckless and damaged.

He’s the only decent thing in her life.

A deadly arsonist attack. Who’ll be next?

Cat Lawson loves only two things. Her freedom and her motorcycle. When she’s called back to Stargazer Ranch by a hard-to-refuse job offer, the very first person she comes across is the very last person she wants to see.

Levi Wilson, the local park ranger, rues the day he ever met Cat; she’s the most stubborn, infuriating woman he’s ever known. He can’t forgive her for running away six months ago; commitment never was one of her strong points.

But on the very day of Cat’s return, one of the luxury cabins is set on fire and it seems the arsonist targeting the ranch is back. The police suspected Clayton, an ex-ranch-hand but he hasn’t been seen since the last fires, six months ago. Instead, Cat becomes suspect number one.

Against all her better instincts, Cat finds herself irresistibly drawn to Levi, again. Then Cat is caught in a wildfire; someone is trying to burn her alive. Can their passion save them from the inferno, or will everything they love go up in flames?