Tangled Skies


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Mistake number one was to risk her heart.

Mack Diaz was the golden boy of bull riding…until the accident. Sent to Stormcloud Station to learn the ropes on an Australian cattle station, Mack hopes to try his luck on the local rodeo circuit. Mack won’t admit his injuries have affected his self-confidence, and he keeps up a façade of swaggering bravado. Until he meets Bindi, a sassy, dark-eyed beauty, who gets under his skin.

Bindi Takao is perfectly happy with her ordinary life working on Stormcloud. She loves her horses and her cooking. When the cocky new cowboy arrives from Montana, she steers clear, deciding he’s too sexy for his own boots. Mack pushes all her buttons, and she can’t decide if she wants to throttle him or kiss him. Then she does something totally out of character and spends one delicious night with him. Which is mistake number one, because Mack never dares to risk his heart.

An out-of-control bushfire threatens Stormcloud. Details come to light that the fire may have been deliberately lit and suspicions swirl that Mack was the intended target.

Not only does someone want him dead, but Mack struggles to deny his growing connection with Bindi. Can Mack succeed in facing his fears or will he head back to Montana with his tail between his legs? When two people fight their true feelings, something’s got to give. But mistake number two may just cost Bindi her life.