Snowbound – A Christmas Novella


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Two strangers caught in a treacherous blizzard.

Stella Pereira has never seen snow like this before. But she has to get the turkeys back for Christmas dinner at Stargazer Ranch, or her new boss will never forgive her, so she drives on into the growing blizzard. Suddenly, her truck starts to skid, teetering on the very edge of the road.

It’s pure dumb luck Wyatt Wilson sees the disappearing taillights of a car as it leaves the road in front of him. Should he stop? The last thing he needs is more trouble, he has enough problems of his own. He never intended on rescuing a clueless French girl who shouldn’t be on the road in this weather.

When the biggest storm Montana has seen in decades traps them deep in the mountains on Christmas Eve, the only safe place to shelter is Wyatt’s truck. Things heat up, as they spend the night huddled in each other’s arms, riding out the storm.

Will they have to spend Christmas Day snowbound in a truck in a blizzard?

A novella of approximately 18,000 words.

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