Shadows of Red Earth


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What if the only thing you wanted in life was your freedom? What if the cost of that freedom was the lives of your family?

Rose Simmonds wants to live like any other normal person. Away from her overprotective family and their dire warnings about a stranger from the past. Away from the cattle farm where she’s been kept safe for so long. So, she hitches a ride with a stranger out in the middle of the desert.

Koen Babroda is hoping for a fresh start. He picks Rose up from the isolated dirt road and promises to give her a lift to Darwin. But he fails to tell her he’s riding a stolen motorbike as he too, runs away from past mistakes.

Even though a physical attraction sparks between them, Koen finds old habits die hard, he has always felt like a misfit and a failure. So, when he betrays Rose, she is stuck in Darwin with no money and nowhere to go. A man tries to abduct her and Rose comes to the horrible recognition her parents were right all along. Someone is out to harm her and her family. Can Koen overcome the weight of his former failings and believe he is worthy of love? Will Rose recognise the strength within herself to be rid of her nemesis once and for all?