Rain Washed


Available on 15th August 2023



Her love rescued him once. But will it be enough to save them both this time?

Lacey is finding her place in the world again. Happy with her emerging career in the Tasmania Police force, a cottage on the coast, and handsome detective Nico by her side, everything is perfect. Then the murders start. A body is found near a lake. During the search for the killer, another battered corpse is discovered on an isolated hiking trail.

Nico is relishing his new life with Lacey, but he harbours a secret that may threaten their blissful romance. Then the chance sighting of someone from his past forces him to rethink his priorities, and he’s no longer sure if their love can last the distance.

Two more hikers go missing on the dangerous Overland Track and Lacey and Nico must piece together the link between the victims. The spectre of the mysterious serial killer reappears, but they’re not sure who they’re hunting. His protective instincts kick in; it’s his job to safeguard her—if only she’ll let him. They find themselves on a collision course. Both are determined to catch the criminal, but when their hearts get in the way, can they work together to solve the mystery? Or will they become the next victims instead?

A suspected serial killer is haunting the Tasmanian coastline, and Nico thinks the dead girl might be another of his victims. Stuck in Boat Harbour, and against her wishes, Lacey is drawn deeper into the conspiracy and lies that only a small town can hold. When she becomes the next target of the killer, Nico must do everything in his power and put his job on the line to protect her. But is it really him who needs protection?