Living the Writers Dream

“The writer wrote by day and night and he cried in the face of Fate —

‘I’ll cleave to my dream of life in spite of the cynical ghosts that wait.”

The Writer’s Dream by Henry Lawson, 1897

Thanks for joining me here on my very first blog post.

This year has been a catalyst for me as an emerging writer. I was made redundant from my job in December last year, and have decided to see this change of life as an amazing chance. I’m going to take four to six months away from work to Live the Writers Dream. Which means I now have the luxury of time. Time to think. Time to relax. Time to walk my dog. Time to read more books. Time to plan and scheme and plot. And most of all, time to write.

In that time, I’ve managed to complete the first draft of my fourth manuscript, Glass Clouds and Lavender (see excerpt).

I’ve also done an online course in how to brand myself ( thanks to Nikki Logan – Author) and another one on how to create my perfect website (thanks to Lana Pecherczyk – Romance Writers of Australia webmistress) which has allowed me to post my first ever blog.

And very soon, I intend to self-publish one of my books, Island Redemption.

So many authors I know (both aspiring and published) are all juggling full or part-time jobs, usually with young kids causing havoc in the background, and the demands of a hectic life bearing down on them. But even with all this going on, they still manage to fit in their passion; writing. Late nights spent with eyes burning, or alarms set so they can squeeze in an hour writing before they go to work. I used to be one of these people. But now I’m revelling in the luxury of time.

And I promise to use it well. I will not squander this extravagance.

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