Little Gems – Short Story Anthology

Little Gems Anthology Paperback ~ Sunstone ~ 2016
“Short, sweet and more-ish – each of the Little Gems is a luscious bite sized romance snack.”

The Little Gems Short Story competition is run by Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) with the top entries published as an anthology every year. Each year the stories are based on a different gemstone. For 2016 the gemstone was Sunstone and I was thrilled to be a finalist included in the 2016 Anthology, with my short story, Solar Flare.

The Sunstone Anthology is available from RWA




The sun, a solar telescope, and her sunstone necklace will lead Lissa to love.

Lissa loves the sun; wants to follow it to a better, brighter place. So she throws her meagre possessions, including her solar telescope into the back of her battered yellow ute and lets the bitumen take her where it will.

Ace is the station owner’s youngest son. The very gorgeous youngest son. Lissa is drawn to him the very first day she takes a job on the isolated cattle station but after nearly two months, she can count the number of times he’s spoken to her on one hand.

Even though Ace pretends to ignore Lissa, trying to obey to his father’s decree not to fraternise with the seasonal hands, he can’t help but notice her. One day he asks her about the sunstone she wears around her neck. She tells him her father gave it to her just before he died.

Lissa invites Ace to come and look through her solar telescope at a large solar flare occurring that day. Against his better judgement he goes, and soon finds himself ensnared by this fascinating girl. As he kisses her in the dying rays of the sun, he knows his father’s going to hate this, but Ace admits now he’s tasted freedom, he’ll risk everything to be with Lissa.