Island Redemption

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“High stakes, high emotions, high tides–just what I was looking for!”

 She’s got everything to lose.

He’s her greatest temptation.

Love, betrayal, ambition…

When everything Cilla Parsons holds dear is about to be taken away, she makes a desperate decision and finds herself stranded on a deserted island, playing a game of survival.

Then she meets broad-shouldered, irresistible Tam Conner. He becomes her ultimate rival, as well as her closest confidant, and an undeniable attraction sizzles between them.

But the soft sandy beaches and crystal-clear water are far from paradise and when a wild tropical storm hits, Cilla is injured, her future hanging in the balance. Will Cilla continue to play the game to win at all costs or give into her heart’s desire?

Suzanne Cass’ romantic suspense is easy-to-read, fast-paced and thrilling, culminating in an ultimate life choice.


Some of the Judges’ Comments

“You have the ability to paint pictures with your words and as a reader I was totally immersed in the story.”

“The story was set on an island as part of a survival tv show- for me it made reading this entry so interesting because I love Survivor.”

“The eloquent and descriptive manner you have with your writing makes it extremely easy to read, as a reader I was in the moment.”

“Right from the first line there is something happening. This is a fun action packed story.”

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