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She’s a ticking time bomb.

He’s not good enough for her.

Together they make an explosive combination

Emily Hillenbrand believes every day is a gift and should be lived to the fullest. Her job working at Stargazers Ranch is her ticket to freedom. But she carries a secret that could destroy her plans to live life on her own terms.

Tom Coulston is escaping from a past tragedy, finding solace in the physical labor and camaraderie working at Stargazers brings. He’s drawn to Emily’s vivacious nature, but he’s damaged goods and she deserves better.

The recent fires at Stargazers have them all on edge and when the arsonist strikes again, Emily and Tom are caught in the crossfire. Tom is desperate to protect Emily and even though she’s fallen for him, she plays it safe and leaves the ranch. Little does Emily know that she’s walking straight into danger.

Time is running out as the arsonist stalks them both and everything goes up in flames…

**This book has a Happy Ever After ending for Emily and Tom, and also solves the mystery of who is the arsonist lighting all the fires from book 2.**

Suzanne Cass’ romantic suspense is easy-to-read, fast-paced and thrilling.

Read Firelight and take a dive into this passionate story of Tom and Emily’s journey to find love.