Crystal Skies


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Her heart was shattered the night he disappeared…now he’s back.

Julie Bradshaw has returned to Stormcloud Station to escape her job in the city as well as flee a troublesome stalker who’s making her life hell. When the obsessed man tracks her down again, however, he not only threatens her, but her whole family are put in danger. She denies she needs a bodyguard; her father disagrees.

Aaron Powell takes his job as a security agent seriously. Protecting Julie isn’t a job he can refuse. Julie isn’t merely a client, however, as they share a history he’d rather forget.

It’s muster time at Stormcloud and Aaron decides that Julie will be safer in the isolated Queensland outback, so they head out to join the team. He’s been ignoring his cowboy roots for twelve years, but after only one day back in Julie’s company and he feels his steely façade start to slip, even though she wants nothing to do with him.

When Aaron vanished from Julie’s life, he told himself it was for the best. Too late, he realizes how much damage he did.

Enemies lurk in the shadows, and he’ll do anything to keep her safe. But how can he do that when he can’t ignore their electric connection? They’re about to find out that true passion may last a lifetime, but obsession may be deadly.

*Please Note: This book may contain triggers for some. This book contains content including abortion and termination of pregnancy. Reader discretion is advised*